My Priorities


Saving Your Money

I grew up in north Barrie. My parents were small business owners. I worked for the family business, Logan’s Golden Mile, and I understand what it takes to produce quality goods and services. I understand the impact high Liberal taxes have on small businesses like restaurants and local farms.
I will fight to keep your taxes low and our economy growing.
I support removing the GST from home heating bills.
If elected, I will treat your tax dollars with respect. I will fight to make sure you get value for money.
I will push for greater transparency so you can see what happens with your tax dollars. We need to stop the abuse of expense accounts by liberal politicians.

Keeping Your Family Safe

I was an intern at the Barrie Court House, studied Police Foundations at Algonquin College, and Criminal Justice and Public Policy at the University of Guelph. I understand justice issues and will fight for tougher sentences to keep your family safe from drugs and violence.
Opioids are a serious concern in Barrie. Criminals who are selling illegal drugs need to face stronger sentences.
In order to keep our community safe we must talk to the front line workers. We must build better relationships with police forces across Canada, to seek their input when considering justice issues.  

Building a Stronger Community

I’ve worked on conservative campaigns for over 10 years. Working at Queen’s Park under two party leaders, I helped rebuild the Ontario PC Party into a winner. I held a major role on the Patrick Brown Leadership campaign in which he won a landslide victory to become Ontario PC Leader. And as a rural regional organizer for the Manitoba PCs, I helped the PC Team and Premier Brian Pallister end 17 years of NDP government in Manitoba. 
I will use my experience in government to get things done for our community. I will be an advocate for local issues in Parliament, and will fight for greater federal investment in local infrastructure – from improved roads and bridges to rural broadband internet and natural gas.

NO Carbon Tax

I am opposed to the federal carbon tax.
Provincial governments in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta have solid plans to protect our environment without a carbon tax. Nova Scotia already met the government’s 2030 targets – in 2015 – and didn’t use a carbon tax.
If your province can meet its environmental targets, it’s unfair for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to force you to pay a carbon tax.
We can and should leave a healthy environment for future generations. We don’t need a carbon tax to do that.